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I had too much fun with this one. #pagan #paganism #witchcraft #witch #pentacle #flourishes #flourish #art #tattoodesign #sharpie #wicca #wiccan


Sacred sigils illuminating the dark during a cold winter’s rite

So, I hadnt planned on selling this baby, since I am really fond of how it turned out, but in order to help with my Horn Implants, I have decided to list it! go check it out here-

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Found a table at goodwill and put up a new #altar

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Rune of the day!

Tonight, just before midnight, I will be doing a spell to help keep my bad habits and horrible events in the past, in 2012. I made coffin shaped spell stars so that I could concentrate on my intent and burn them, bury them, toss them into water or toss them into a fire. They work amazingly. 

So tonight, I will do my best to make sure 2013 will be a better year than 2012.  


My Magical Basket of ThingsGathering didn’t disappoint me today.  The enchantment I used on it was to always be able to fill it with the things I needed as frugally as possible. 

While I was getting ready to head out this morning, I found a coupon for a free coffee from the shop down the street.  I obtained the ribbon (50% off) and the terracotta pot (15% off) for projects I’ll post about later. 

The darling cauldron was something I saw awhile ago and didn’t want to spend the money on at the time, but it kept nagging at me.  “I want to live with you!  I want to live in your kitchen and help you with witchy things!  Look at my nice round belly, smooth and silky and so very pregnant, oh, bring me home and you can rub my belly every day!”  The ten green candles were in a $2 bag, and when I spied them, instantly had the Loki-tingles.  “LOOK, they look like a bag of emeralds, I WANT THEM NOW.  For the altar.  You got that votive holder for Christmas and everything…”  Darling cauldron and candle grab bag ended up also being 25% off. 

The terracotta piggy to bring in some good fortune in 2013, fortuitously, was 50% off. 

I should have paid about $46 for the stuff here, without the insane discounts I found everywhere I went, and full retail value marked on the candles.  I paid about $13.  I love my Magical Basket of ThingsGathering.  Alot. 

I am quite jealous of your wondrous skills! Also, what a charming little cauldron who does in fact, have a wonderfully round tummy!

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