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The soil is my book of prayer, the animals and insects are the choir, and the forest is my church. I need no hymns but the sound of the swamps, I need no towering walls of stained glass and marble, only the rough bark and dense moss found in the deep woods. The gods that listen need no paintings or reliefs, only the night sky and dark soil. My place on this earth is not something I am owed, but a gift and so long as I remember this, I will be happy.


I am continually astounded by not only the kindness of Pagans here on tumblr but also by the rudeness, the quickness to judge and the downright bitterness that many of them show towards ANYONE who isnt a walking encyclopaedia. Let me remind you that the only shame that comes from having questions is not asking them.

Over the past year, I have felt myself growing away from Morpheus.

It makes me terribly sad, honestly, as I really cherish my time with him, but I no longer feel as drawn to him as I used to. Instead, I have grown closer to Nyx and Hekate has been persistently trying to get my attention. I imagine this is normal, as humans grow and evolve spiritually and emotionally over time and through rough events. I suspect my mother’s passing and the abuse I suffered at the end of last year has been what is pushing me towards Hekate as well as strengthening my bond with Nyx. 

I cannot help but feel guilty, all of that aside, but it isn’t as if I am abandoning Morpheus, rather, that I feel I dont have much I can offer him at the moment that would be useful and vice versa. 

I am going to do some meditating on Hekate and her wants from me, but it has been months and months since she first started to try and catch my attention. 

I do wonder, however, is it normal to feel very strongly connected to three deities, instead of two?

Ravens have been following me for about a week now every single time I go outside. They are outside of my window, outside of where I go to eat, of the post office, etc. just all over the fucking place. Anyone know of any deities that may be trying to get my attention?

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I had too much fun with this one. #pagan #paganism #witchcraft #witch #pentacle #flourishes #flourish #art #tattoodesign #sharpie #wicca #wiccan

I think I speak for most of us when I say that I don’t want to see YOUR FACE in a tag about PAGANISM. I’m sure you’re very pagan, and you think you look really cool, but I don’t care about you and your face and I never will. I came here to look for pagan opinions, points of view, and helpful tips/advice. I didn’t come here to look at your face.

i really hate this sort of thought. I love seeing the diversity of PAGANS. its just awesome to see how amazingly different we all are. good thing one person doesnt get to decide what gets posted in tags though 8D

So, I hadnt planned on selling this baby, since I am really fond of how it turned out, but in order to help with my Horn Implants, I have decided to list it! go check it out here-

I have been having a LOT of dreams about Hekate lately but I am hesitant to work with her since I dont know a lot about her and I have seen women be VERY cruel about men wanting to work with her. If anyone has any information on beginning working with Hekate, I would be very thankful!