"If you call upon the Gods and they answer, who is there to oppose or to challenge the integrity of your path?"


–Andrew Chumbley


Covered my #bookofshadows with fur. :D #pagan #paganism


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Ever since I was a child, from the first moment I ran across the name in a book, Cernunnos has always been in the back of my mind, always one step ahead, waiting for me to follow. Is it now, great Father, that I should follow you?

the-brambled-way asked: If you are still looking for information about foxes, I feel the need to mention Reynard who is not a god, but he is a figure of folklore spanning German, French, Dutch, and English literature. I believe he dates back to the 1100s. He is a trickster figure as is common for Foxes in folklore and mythology. Not sure that's what you're looking for, but it's the first thing that pops to mind when I hear about Foxes. :3

Thank you so much for this information! I hadnt actually heard about him, which makes this a lot of fun to learn about.

faintingfauns asked: Wow people are jerks, you had a legitimate question :c

I sure did! 8D the funny thing is, learning and growing and evolving on my path is my favourite part of being Pagan. Its just a shame that so many people have resorted to snark and spite instead of being happy that people are genuinely interested in learning about new things.


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I am continually astounded by not only the kindness of Pagans here on tumblr but also by the rudeness, the quickness to judge and the downright bitterness that many of them show towards ANYONE who isnt a walking encyclopaedia. Let me remind you that the only shame that comes from having questions is not asking them.

^ This. I hate when people ask dumb questions that a simple google search can answer, it’s seirously really lazy. Why…

dont be an ass, yes? a ‘quick google’ got me absolutely nothing but instances of FOX news being douchebags about pagan beliefs. so thanks for being a shining example of the kindness that tumblr has to offer to pagans looking for information 8D